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Freddie Mac Launches Enhanced Relief Refinance Program

It has all the benefits of the greatest mortgage reduction program in US History and is easier to qualify for.

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The Enhanced Relief Refi Program Gives Homeowners One More Chance

If you've made 12 straight mortgage payments, you could qualify. This program was created to give relief to the middle class. The program itself is totally free and doesn't add any cost to homeowner's refi's. Like most relief programs though, this one will expire, but there is still time left for hundreds of thousands of qualified homeowners to take advantage.

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ERRP Is Totally Free And Doesn't Add Any Cost To Your Refi

ERRP is a program with no downside. ERRP doesn't add any cost to your refi because it's a totally free program, that helps qualified homeowners get better, more affordable mortgages. The problem is many homeowners think it's too good to be true and haven't taken advantage. Homeowners who have used the program though have eliminated up to 15 years of mortgage payments, reduced their mortgage rate, or simply decided to get relief from their monthly mortgage payments.

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